Labor & Delivery Errors in New Mexico

Childbirth Should Be the Most Joyous Moment of Your Life

Unfortunately, what should be a celebration is also one of a woman’s most medically dangerous moments—danger that can be exacerbated if a medical professional is negligent or reckless. Obstetrical nurses are there to monitor and evaluate the vital signs of a mother, the progress of labor and federal heart teams, and advise the obstetrician if anything seems awry. Should that nurse fail to recognize problems with those signs, fail to report them, or should the obstetrician fail to appropriately address the issues, serious injuries can result.

Those injuries can be permanent or even life-threatening—and can be enormously expensive. At Hampton & King, we can work with professionals to calculate the cost of a delivery room error, taking into consideration future costs such as surgery, needed medical equipment, nursing care, physical therapy, and more. Our New Mexico birth injury lawyers will also consider less concrete costs, such as the cost of diminished life quality.

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Types of Cases Hampton & King Handles

With a focus on medical malpractice representation, there is virtually no type of case involving birth injuries that we do not handle. Examples of cases involving labor and delivery errors include the following:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Injuries from forceps
  • Resuscitation errors
  • Mismanagement of GBS

Put 50+ Years’ Combined Experience on Your Side

The complexity of birth injury claims is exactly why you need an attorney who is exclusively devoted to medical malpractice. Our opponents routinely have access to formidable resources, and the law makes it deliberately difficult to hold healthcare providers liable for your injuries. Each of these cases demand much of a lawyer’s skill and assets. That’s why we commit our full focus, experience, and resources to your case when you retain our counsel.

If you or someone you love has been victimized by an error made during the labor and delivery process, we at Hampton & King encourage you to contact us today. With 50+ years of experience, we have what it takes to look into your case and identify any negligence, miscommunication, or failures of treatment. Our law firm knows how complex birth injury cases can be, and we can help guide you through it from beginning to end.

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