Cancer Treatment Errors

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Researchers continue to make advancements in cancer treatment. Today, there are effective options for treating almost any type of cancer. However, just because these options are available doesn't mean that they are being used correctly. The effective treatment of cancer requires early diagnosis, the correct use of cancer treatment options, and proper administration of medication. But not all cancer patients receive the proper treatment they need and expect. Others may receive the correct treatment or medication, but errors may still be made during the administration process.

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Problems with Radiation

The prognosis for many types of cancers has improved dramatically over the past few decades. Despite these advancements, medical mistakes can still occur during the administration process. Doctors must not only order the correct treatment, but must also ensure that treatment is administered correctly.

Radiation errors may be caused by or include:

  • Miscalibrated machines
  • Incorrectly positioning the patient
  • Miscalculating the dosage (overdosing)
  • Treating the wrong patient
  • Errors in timing

The effects of a cancer treatment error can vary greatly. In some cases, an error will not significantly affect the patient's recovery and may not even be noticeable at first. However, the same mistake in a different case can lead to death for another patient.

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