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New Mexico Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Doctors spend years training in the proper way to identify, diagnose, and treat illnesses. When a physician fails to identify a condition correctly, it results in the wrong treatment. Under these circumstances, patients can experience harmful and even fatal effects. Mistaken diagnoses appear in every area of medicine, from cancer misdiagnosis to heart disease diagnosis to infectious conditions.

Proving negligence on the part of the doctor can be complex. Experienced medical professionals and medical malpractice attorneys need to examine the patient’s medical records, allowing them to pinpoint where poor judgement, unclear communication, or careless delays results in treatment failure.

The two most recognized medical malpractice trial lawyers in the Southwest, Attorneys Hartley Hampton and Christopher King, have spent decades handling medical malpractice cases involving mistaken diagnosis. Our incisive legal knowledge and our network of medical experts can develop a strong case to hold your doctor and healthcare staff accountable for their mistakes. Our legal creativity, investigative skill, and personal resources can be the deciding factor in whether your needs are met for the rest of your life—we take our role and your trust seriously.

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50+ Years of Experience in Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are notoriously difficult to handle, even among seasoned personal injury law attorneys. They require a special level of understanding and resources, demanding an attorney’s full insight and focus. That’s why Hampton & King focuses exclusively on medical malpractice cases—your claim deserves our utmost commitment and attention, and we intend to provide exactly that.

“Failure to diagnose” cases are particularly complex. Proving negligence requires the use of expert witnesses, whose specific services are sometimes difficult to locate and afford for everyday people. However, after decades of resolving medical malpractice claims, our firm has a network of contacts and resources that allow us to find the perfect expert to testify for your case.

When we decide to take up a client’s case, we cover all the out-of-pocket costs and expenses for their case, so our clients can just focus on treatment. In fact, our clients do not pay us a cent unless we win. We spend our resources building the best possible cases for compensation, utilizing our on-staff Registered Nurse to coordinate our pool of experts on your case. Together, our team of qualified experts and seasoned New Mexico attorneys can help maximize your chance for a lifetime of financial security and medical care.

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