The Role of Expert Testimony

Helping Patients Prove Their Medical Malpractice Cases in Court

Medical malpractice cases hinge on whether a doctor failed to meet the standard of care for a patient. The standard of care decides whether a physician or other medical professional was unreasonable or negligent in their care, and whether that negligence led to injury. In order to prove negligence and its role in your injury, your case will require the testimony of an expert witness—in this case, a doctor in the same field of medicine.

Medicine is a complex area of study—and a constantly changing one—these case can become very complicated. The use of an expert will help clarify the role your doctor played in your injury. Their word can bolster your claim, providing the trusted voice you need to hold your physicians accountable.

How Our New Mexico Malpractice Firm Can Help

With over 50 years of combined experience and an exclusive focus on medical malpractice, the law firm of Hampton & King is perfectly suited for handling your malpractice injury claim. We have extensive resources and relationships in the medical community, built and maintained over decades of handling cases. We can find the ideal expert witness for your case from anywhere in the country by utilizing our deep network of contacts.

The Right Approach Combined with the Right Experts

Handling a medical malpractice case correctly requires a great deal of financial investment. Good experts are worth the money it costs to retain them—but thanks to our firm’s deep resources, our clients never have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses. Our attorneys handle the costs of developing the strongest case possible on your behalf, but you only pay if we win. Otherwise, you do not have to worry about a cent. Our approach has helped hundreds of our clients, allowing us to recover millions of dollars for them in verdicts and settlements.

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